Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today we sipped up the last drop of lambda olive oil. We received the 500 ml bottle of the oil from Krista, Crete as a sample only about 8 weeks ago, and I was a bit reluctant to use it for just anything. After all, that 500 ml bottle retails for about $59 (at the current exchange rate) – that is more than twice the amount I spend for my 365 brand 3L tin.
I carefully dolled it out to the family - a separate dipping oil plate for myself and my husband, our usual 365 brand olive oil for the kids to dip bread in. My son, not yet 5, quickly realized we were enjoying something different and demanded that he try ours. He reached across the table, dipped - OK, dunked - his bread in, dripped the oil on the table as he brought it back to his mouth (of course I immediately mopped up the oil with my bread), and took a big bite. His nose wrinkled and he said that it tasted like grass. I felt relieved on two fronts. First, that he could properly discern the flavor profile of this oil, and secondly, that he wasn't fond of the fresh and fruity flavor of lambda. He never dipped in our lambda again.
My husband took a bit heavier hand in using the oil than I did. "Hey, we've got to REALLY try it out," was his response. “And, it says to use it as soon as possible to ensure the freshest of flavor!”
I acquiesced, and we took to using it for dressings, dips, drizzling . . the usual olive oil fare. In addition to its intensely fruit flavor (and low acidity), the deep green color is complemented by the dazzling glass container. It looked pretty impressive sitting on the counter.
The problem is, we really enjoyed lambda. And, since we’ve experimented with the multitude of ways to enjoy using lambda, things could really get dangerous if we decided to replace our $25, 3L tin of olive oil with lambda. I surely would be surpassing my olive oil budget.
Then again, sometimes you just have to indulge . . . I guess the kids can go without a new pair of shoes this summer.
To conduct your own experiment, order some from Speiron Company.