Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finally I'm back to the blog. The twins arrived at the end of December, and our recent move to a new home has kept me from writing. But something caught my attention today, spurring me to make the dive back into the blog.
We have a cat, and have been aware of the recent pet food scare. While we weren't driven to prepare home made food for Kona - after all, I am now a mother of four and getting food on the table is a bit challenging. However, the latest news is that there is evidence that the ingredients imported from China that have traces of melamine, may have be found in additives used in livestock feed as well as additives to human food. While this substance has yet to show up in our food supply, the ingredients are known to be used in bread, pizza, baby food and many vegetarian dishes.
Just one more thing to worry about in regards to our food supply chain. Every time I prepare something for my family, I now wonder if it is going to be harmful. We do a good job of making food choices - leaning towards whole foods rather than processed, etc., but total abstinence from the foods that may harm us is nearly impossible. And, I, like many of you, were caught unaware of the fact that melamine, which is typically used in products such as countertops, glues and fertilizers, could ever be considered to be used in food.
I still await delivery of glass baby bottles I ordered last week so that I can protect my twins from the potential harmful chemicals that are used to make many plastic baby bottles. This week, I walk through the market wondering if the choices I make today will turn up on the news tomorrow. Who knows what next week will bring?