Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For all you espresso lovers who have to have their fix whenever and wherever they are, the new Handpresso is coming to market. Dubbed “The World’s Smallest Espresso Machine,” the compact, hand-powered unit is the ultimate in Nomadic Espresso. The lightweight unit required a bit of hand pumping, much like you would do if you’re bike tire went flat during an excursion. A small gauge on the handle lets you know when you’ve pumped your way to the approprate amount of pressure (16 bars) required to brew espresso. Handpresso requires only an E.E.E. pod and hot water and you’re ready to brew and enjoy in just seconds. Plop it in your luggage – heck, carry it on the plane with you – take it on a hike, go camping – I tasted espresso brewed in one, and it turned out pretty good. Check it out here.