Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ok. It is the Oreo cookie that has resurrected me from the depths of four kids and lack of sleep. It has been months since I've even attempted to update this blog, but last week I received a Domino's Pizza flier in the mail. I could hold back no longer.
I'm sure you've all seen the flier: In addition to all the calories, fat and other 'unhealthy' things packed in a Domino's Pizza, now (albeit only for a limited time), comes the Oreo Dessert Pizza!
I have yet to try one, but feel I must just to say I have. Although I dread the sick feeling I will undoubtedly have after consuming so much sugar and . . . who knows what!
This decadent concoction features a dessert-style thin crust, topped with vanilla sauce, Oreo cookie crumbles and white icing. My son, who is 4, saw the picture of the 'pizza' and immediately declared "I want one!" What kid wouldn't? A plate full of sugar, goo and stuff kids shouldn't be fed.
If I am to taste this thing, I will have to do it late at night when the kids are sleeping (leaving no remnants for them to find in the morning). Otherwise, if they try it, I'm sure I won't hear the last of it. I want it now!
Who are these people that come up with such ideas. yes, decadence is what desserts are all about, but do we have to go overboard and entice anyone who has already consumed a boatload of unhealthy calories via the pizza, with another artery clogging, heart-stopping, offering?
Yes, I will succumb, and try a bite. But will quickly return to something that won't take 10 years off my life . . .
perhaps a bit of fruit. Hmm, maybe even a piece of cake - but at least I know what I put in my cake!